Herman Melville & Friend

Melville’s view of the porch

Melville’s view from the porch

up to 67 feet long3491 feet high
weighs 120 000 poundsweighs 300 000 000 000 pounds
52 5-inch long teeth,
just in the bottom jaw
has rocks and trees
can submerge to 7000 feetlots of ponds
skin on its back is wrinkly and prunish, sometimes white skin covered with northern hardwoods, balsam fir and red spruce
its clicking vocalization is the loudest sound produced by an animal — typically 120 decibelsthunderstorms — up to 230 decibels or more
largest brain of any animalit’s a mountain…
has four stomachseats tourists for breakfast
lives 70 yearsbeen around for 440 million years ± 20 minutes
its heart weighs 255 poundsits heart is immeasurable
large, block-shaped head, up to ⅓ body lengthspread out over 7409 square miles
rather than companions, other species tend to be preycompanions include lots of birds and humans